«Technopark in Bakuninskaya–street»

Project mission

"Techno-park" is the organization (company)of leased working places on the principle of creative workshops for small companies working in the sphere of hi-tech (AEC), with a staff from 3 - to 30 employees, providing the whole range of professional services like financing, auditing, accounting, law consulting , juridical service so on.

"Techno-incubator" is the organization (company) of innovative-business environment for development of initiative and involving new technologies in the sphere of construction, power and ecology.

Project targets

  • Creation of highly effective object of real estate with ultra low self cost of exploitation with market stable level of leasing expenses for the quick reimbursement of investments
  • Preserving of the historical appearance of the memorial of industrial architecture
  • Creation of the energetically effective and environmentally friendly experimental zone
  • Creation of the data processing centre "GRID". Integration with world educational and technological centers
  • Creation of favorable conditions for cultural and entertainment infrastructure

Группа ICS

105082, Москва, ул. Ф.Энгельса, д. 67
+7 (495) 720-49-00