«Technopark in Bakuninskaya–street»

High-Tech complex

Technopark – hi-tech complex is planned to be constructed on the territory of former button-producing factory “Pokrovskoye”. It is projected for lease-holders suggesting services in the sphere of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). About 1000 specialists of AEC will work at Technopark according to the projects and revenue can exceed the sum of 6 000 000 000 rubles per year taking into consideration planned level of producing services per one worker which is more than 6 mln rubles per year.


Basic principles

We use three basic principles at construction on the spot of the former factory

  1. We carefully use the construction spot (not demolishing but reconstruction of existing buildings)
  2. Constructing in accordance with recommended density standards for city construction (enlarging of the actual space from 12 thousand square meters to only 20 thousand square meters)
  3. Independent system of conveniences supply of big Intellectual complex (More over it's located in the central administrative district where electric nets wear and tear is 100 %)

Architectural and engineering aspects of the projects

Architectural and engineering segments of the building are interconnected. We decline projecting separated walls and partitions and start projecting energy, communications. Every vertical surface is not just a wall, but a hub containing and conducting communicating and telecommunicating cables. A pillar is not only bearing architectural elements but vacuum-cleaning buffer, absorbing dust and dirt, cleaning inner space and improving the environment in this way. It's what we call hi-tech architecture. Changing completely the technical filling of the premises we'll preserve the structure of the old building, system of low blocks and inner yards meeting at the main square.

The building will house workshops different in size; the atrium partly covering the yard will appear in the centre of cultural entertaining life of the complex. We are planning to create there not only restaurants shops and mini hotel but also exhibition halls and classrooms of the educational centre.

The atrium will be designed like a oriental yard: with a system of walking galleries, balconies, bridges which will lead to any place of the complex as well as to the separately located workshops, connected with each other with a help of tunnels and corridors. The multilevel parking place in the shape of upset barrel will also become an innovative sight of the complex.

Группа ICS

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