Information in the modern world is being accumulated and analyzed. Scientific and practical spheres mix with each other. The branches of architecture, engineering and construction join into one interactive space AEC, built on the basis of intensive data exchanging. Involvement of modern engineering systems and telecommunicating technologies reflects the demands of AEC branch in multidiscipline knowledge accumulation. Increasing of energetic and ecological crisis process requires the new way of development for city, village, separate buildings and construction infrastructure.

The new type of highly technological objects of real estate is being created.

The main properties and functional features

Hi-Tech archtecture

Interconnection of architectural and engineering aspects, energy and communication projecting instead of separated walls and partitions, using of architectural elements as a part of engineering systems

United datacenter

Renting and leasing opportunity for data processing and informational capacities, software rent giving chance to use licensed supplements for reasonable fare, no necessity in local system administrators


Security system according to antiterrorism program, limited access to the territory together with preserving the sense of availability and openness of the object

Modern technologies in management and integration

IP- technologies on the base of voice terminals (touch-screen devices) by Cisco company - climate control, light arrangement, order of any service and any information access (Including visual). Integration of computing, telephone and TV (HD as well) systems on the base of structural cabling net of 7th category (the minimum speed limit 10 Megabit)

Inner infrastructure and recreation

Own hi-tech store, consulting office, service centre, restaurants, cafes, brewery, jazz club with local transmitting opportunity and ability to access to any display inside the complex

Safe of resources

Using of energy-safe lamps, making facades, windows and roofs aimed to get optimum warmth (heating) balance corresponding to outer temperature with minimum positive correction. Maximum using of natural, convectional ventilation due to atmosphere pressure overfalls (changes) near Earth surface and In the certain height, using of recuperation.

Independence from city communications

Providing of constant supplement, own local electric power station and boiler-compartment (cascade complex of tri-generation - production of electric power, heating and cooling with their reservation and sale (transmitting) of energy surpluses to the city power station) water purification system (filter), autonomous storage of drinking water, utilization (recycling) systems.

Alternative energy recourses using

Using of horizontal wind turbines, solar batteries and collectors, warmth accumulating in the underground storehouses. Application of special light wells and reflecting blinds (jalousie) for re-extracting of daylight in rooms.

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